Car Geek Super Degreaser With Brush - 500ML

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Forty five seconds is not long. It’s less than a minute, which is less time than it takes to watch commercials or put on your shoes. You can’t make a phone call in 45 seconds or microwave popcorn. In fact, there’s very little you can do in 45 seconds. But you can thoroughly clean and degrease your engine in 45 seconds with CarGeek Degreaser.

CarGeek Degreaser is a professional strength formula that quickly breaks down automotive grease, even baked on grease, so you can rinse it away.  The formula is high in alkalinity so it still works hard to cut through grease and grime. Unlike many cleaners, CarGeek Degreaser rinses clean without any white residue stains. All you see is a clean, well-maintained engine.

To use Car Geek Degreaser. A spray bottle comes in handy when applying CarGeek Degreaser. Spray the mixture onto your cool engine. Allow it to soak for 30 to 45 seconds, use brush to rub and then rinse with clean water. Do not allow formula to dry on the surface.

In just 45 seconds, your engine will be clean and grease-free. If you have a customized engine, or you just like to keep your vehicle clean inside and out, CarGeek Degreaser is a fast solution to your toughest grease build-up.
Car Geek Super Degreaser With Brush - 500ML
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