Car Geek Detailing Brush For Dashboard - Engine And Wheel
Perfect Length for easily exploring and reaching into the lug nuts, narrow or tight space. High-quality Material - Made of premium boar hair mixed with synthetic fiber, the right combination of strength and flexibility.Great for using on soft Nappa leather...
Car Geek Super Degreaser - 500ML
Car Geek Super Degreaser - 500ML
Rs.1,500.00 Rs.999.00
Car Geek Double Sided Engine And Tyre Brush
The bristles are hard for powerful cleaning.It is not easy to be deformed.It can thoroughly clean the dusty corners.It is convenient and practical to clean the dusty corners of car engine and the car door sill.
Rs.400.00 Rs.300.00
Car Geek Super Degreaser With Brush - 500ML
Forty five seconds is not long. It’s less than a minute, which is less time than it takes to watch commercials or put on your shoes. You can’t make a phone call in 45 seconds or microwave popcorn. In fact,...
Rs.1,750.00 Rs.1,250.00
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