Car Geek Clean Cham Cleaning Cloth

    • Its most common use is in automobile washing, where it may be known as a “shammy” cloth
    • Its water absorbency makes it good for other uses like household wares, cars and pets cleaning
    • It easily retains oil making it good for wiping fingerprints from polished metallic surface
    • Soft and smooth feeling, resistant to bacteria
    • Compact size makes it great for travel. Item Size Dimension : 43 cm* 32 cm
    • Made of synthetic chamois material, which has limited water absorption. This cloth acts like a squeegee and pushes water off your vehicle.
    • Make sure that dust particles are washed out with a hose or microfiber cloth before cleaning using this chamois cloth, to avoid scratches.

      Car Geek Clean Cham Cleaning Cloth
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